Sunday, July 10, 2011

Table Top Art

Summer is in full swing and I have been a complete blogging slacker! To backtrack a bit, in May we went to many dance competitions with Hannah, and she had a great time taking pics in Logan. What an awesome photographer! I love this picture she took of herself. Then in June we had a big event with Lucy graduating from Hillcrest High School and also Seminary at Hillcrest.

Hannah, Lucy and Emma at Lu's graduation
Lucy, Bryce Hunt and Madeleine Homer at
Seminary Graduation

Then a few weeks ago we went to girls camp up near Park City. It was so fun and I was so happy to be there most of the week with Hannah and a bunch of darling girls and their leaders.   
    We have done some fun projects in between our summer fun, and I had to show a great one that Hannah helped me with. We had an old, really beat up end table that needed painting and I wanted a coffee table outside under our little gazebo. 
    That meant I needed something to put on top of the end table to make it have an actual table top. As usual, I was standing in my garage just looking for some random piece of junk to use. I saw a big piece of canvas I was going to use for a painting but never did. So Han and I decided we would have her paint it to match the cushions on the outside loveseat. I have always admired the artist Georgia O'Keefe, and we both liked the idea of using a large flower motif. Han is so talented at many things, and evidently painting is one of them!
She just got to it and created something fabulous, as usual!
When she finished we sprayed it with a coating of clear protective spray, then reinforced the underside with cardboard to make it more sturdy. It is a table, after all...

As usual, I hot glued it to the top of the table, and barring some crazy wind or rainstorm or wild party guest, the table top should stay in place. This idea would work well with an old framed wall picture. And the smaller, rectangular pictures also work great as serving trays, but that is another blog altogether!
I'm so proud of Hannah and her artsy table top painting. It totally changed the feel of the whole outdoor patio area.