Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Burlap Bag

Burlap...not my favorite material. Until now. I have been seeing lots of burlap around on various blogs and in stores. It's always seemed a tad too...uh...earthy? And besides having it used as a feed bag in a feed yard, I really have never found a good use for burlap. And wearing it?? Not exactly wanting the itchy stuff anywhere near me. But...I came across the cutest bag at Hobby Lobby. In fact, they have an entire section of darling bags, many of them burlap. This one was my definite favorite, since if and when I ever carry a purse, it needs to be medium sized, which this one is.

As I said in a previous blog, I have been loving making roses, and really wanted to try it with burlap. The harder part of that is finding burlap on a roll as ribbon. Oddly enough, I found it while I was eating Kneaders. For some strange reason in their cutesy section by the food, they had rolls of burlap ribbon! What the??
I have to say, I had a great time making the burlap roses and I love how they turned out.I added some pearl brads I got at Michael's that I bet are mostly for scrapbooking (which I still don't do). But no matter, it worked as the center for the roses.

So I sewed them to the bag,

and I now have a cute little burlap purse!

So I made Lucy model it, and there you have it!
( I will be starting an Etsy page soon, so look for it for sale on there.)


  1. I love it! I always knew you were amazing but you are beyond now! Could't love you more!

  2. Fabulous bag!!! My sister in law is Katie Jeppson she told me about your awesome blog!! :)

  3. Thanks awesome ladies! I will be starting a facebook page tomorrow with a giveaway so watch to join that. Jori, add me as a friend on FB. Allison, I love you!!

  4. I realize you wrote this a very long time ago but I was wondering if you have any recollection of how wide the ribbon is. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Lindsey. I think the ribbon is one inch wide. Thanks!