Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All That Glitters

I'm very much into glittered objects right now. Whether it be faux fruit or veg, no inanimate object can get away from my glitter grasp. There is just something about it. So. Very. Sparkly. The first thing I got my grubs on was a pumpkin for Thanksgiving.
I bought one of those "funkins" and just applied the mod podge to a few sections at a time. I did this one in two-tone, gold and orange. I love the various types of glitter. The little shards, the very fine, the chunky. All of them look great and especially when combined. I also had an old metal star hanging around, so I grabbed that and sparkled it up.

Next I wanted to re-purpose a large glass vase, so I thought it would look cool to put glittered fruit in it. I bought a bag of various types of fake fruit, then added a few little gourds I had sitting around.

I put them all into the vase, but they didn't really show the beauty of the fruit. I think if it the vase was a large cynlinder, it would be perfect. Instead, I put it on the old stand-by. The cake/candy platter I painted a million colors, and it is now my favorite color...matte black. You can't lose with matte black, it seems to go with every single holiday's decor. When I piled them on top of the little plate, it looked perfect. I'm definitely using all of these glittery things for the tablescape for Thanksgiving.


  1. So cute!! I love glitter on anything and everything!

  2. I love glitter... enough said.

  3. Glitter decorations are the best, I could decorate with glitter all day, every day ♥