Monday, January 31, 2011

Bakers Rack to Desk

I have been thinking I need a small desk for a while now. I have a smallish bedroom and that's actually the only place in the house for it. So I decided to carve out a tiny corner in hopes that I would one day find a desk. I was cruising through D.I. a few weeks ago, and saw this darling little bakers rack. Some re-purposer such as myself had painted it very cutely to match either a really cheery kitchen, or a kids room. If you are out there, kudos to you. It was darling, just not my style or colors. I sat there ogling it for a while, imagining what I would do with it and thinking what a shame it would be to waste the space in the wine rack. I guess there are some people that need a little vino as part of their desk accessories, but...
     The rack was a whopping $15.00 so I figured I had to take it for whatever reason. I could make it work as the desk.
     So I painted the whole thing flat black and went to Home Depot to find something to put as a back panel that I could either put magnets on, for notes, or calendar stuff, etc. There is this panel that they sell that looks like metal, (I used a silver one for a backsplash in my kitchen) and it's about $19.00. It's made of some sort of plastic, but it was gorgeous and perfect. So I got that and about $8.00 worth of cut glass knobs for four little drawers on top. I put some books and a plant and candles up on the top racks, and attached the panel with just hot glue. (My favorite hot glue episode - I hot glued my oldest daughters blessing dress. Not sewed it together. Glued it together.)
      I put a bin on the bottom and spent a half a day unwinding yarn and reorganizing my massive yarn collection. Hated it. Loved the end result of yarn in balls for the first time in years. For the roving and wool I have, I have some antique spindles I used to wrap the yarn around and am going to put them in the wine rack so it doesn't completely go to waste!
     So I put the little skinny bakers rack/desk into the corner, popped my computer on it, and now I have a little place for my computer instead of on my lap on the bed! I think the whole thing total cost $50.00, spray paint and all, so on top of all the fun it took to make it happen, it was worth saving a few bucks to get what I really wanted.   


  1. Linda, you're amazing! I love this!

  2. Thanks Kim! It was fun to do and super easy. Home Depot rocks...

  3. Girlfriend, you seriously amaze me with your talent and ideas. I kneel at your feet!

  4. Aw, shucks thanks, you are too sweet! Like I said, it's a strange talent, but I am glad to have it. You know my love for all things used and busted never ends!

  5. This is beyond fabulous!!!! I would like to spend just a day with your brain in my head so I can experience what it is like to have this kind of creativity. Totally love love love it!

    p.s. If the bin on the bottom contains your entire yarn stash then we need to redefine the word "massive". ;-) (just sayin')

  6. Marielle, you are too nice. You don't want to be in this head, it would be like being in the center of a tornado. Flying cows and everything. So, this is the AFTER pic of the yarn. I put 4 large garbage bags chuck full of yarn in various areas. The garage, storage,closets, etc. All labeled things like "Unfinished scarves", "unfinished blankets" and the like. Sad to say I had no "finished" bags...

  7. Wow, Linda. I love this desk. Love, Love LOVE it. And you.

  8. I had this very same idea for a desk for my niece. There are some hooks on the back part of her rack so I placed some small buckets with handles to hold her pens and other accessories. I also added a slightly larger piece of wood to the desk area for more writing space and for her chair and feet to fit more comfortably.
    I like your tin back splash for magnetic purposes.

    Good job!!!!!