Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Candle holder to T.P. holder

For some reason, in the mind of a teenage girl (and maybe even an adult...gulp) toilet paper is something to never be sought out. If you run out, you evidently wait for it to come to YOU. It doesn't matter if it is in the cupboard in the bathroom, or the hall closet by the bathroom, they simply will not seek it out when they run out. They will switch bathrooms, use tissue, anything to get out of going for the T.P. It usually ends up to be mom or dad fetching it for them, like the little minions we are.
     Meanwhile, while I was with my friend Michelle and Emma at D.I. and saw this cool bronze colored candle holder with some kind of groovy amber colored gem on top. It stands about a foot high at least. Evidently for a BIG candle and for outdoors. I bought it with the intent of using it for just that and putting it on the back porch and lighting it on a summer night.                                                           
   Then I had a little epiphany. The other bathrooms in the house have toilet paper holders that store 4 or so rolls of T.P in them. The teen people seem to like them. And use them! They are super handy and easy to access. I decided I would make this the T.P. holder for the girls' bathroom. (I realize this looks as if I have nothing better to do with my time but scheme against my girls and their bathroom.)
     Of course, I had to spray paint it black, which took about 5 minutes max. I put a few rolls in, and there it is! They love it and they use it. Phew. Now, when it is empty, that is another problem altogether...

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  1. One of my favorite repurposed items! Simple, beautiful and useful. Not to mention I now have to make fewer trips into their bathroom!