Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rick Rack and Bottle Caps

In July we went on a trip to Las Vegas and had a fabulous time. We went to the coke factory and all guzzled down a coke or two. Hannah kept the bottle caps, and of course, wanted to do something fun with them. She decided she wanted to make a necklace out of them, so when we got home we experimented with a few things, and came up with this fun necklace. We made holes in the tops and sides of each bottle cap and added large jump rings, then attached them together and added the chain. After all of this hammering and finger smashing, this awesome, funky necklace was born!
It's so cute on, and I had to show it. You can do so much with bottle caps, jewelry-wise. And we don't even need to mention what can be done when you embellish them, or use them as an add-on to anything else. Endless fun.
     Next up is the easiest ring to make. Ever. Really. I saw it in a magazine and it's made with plain old rick rack. I bought the kind that had sparkly stuff in it, but any kind or size or rick rack will do.
     Here's how it works. Just start gluing the rick rack into a circle (some people sew it, no way for me). No twisting necessary. Then you just hot glue it to a cheapo ring form you get a the craft store. This seriously took me 5 minutes. You can glue them onto bobby pins, make earrings out of them, put embellishments in the middle or around the edges if you want. You can make them large or small, whatever works for you. Here it is on Han's hand. Very chic.