Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glam Pumpkin

I'm loving that it's Halloween time. Not just because of the idea of forcing my family into costume, but because of the awesome decor ideas. I have made a few pumpkin projects so far this holiday, and this glam one is the first. Not much about this is actually re-purposed, but it could be if you can't find the lace for this project.
You can use a real pumpkin, but I bought a fake one, since they look real and will actually be around next year! I saw a picture of a pumpkin covered in black lace and wanted to re-create it. For some reason, black lace is really hard to find around here. Puzzling. If you wanted to re-purpose something in this project, I saw a few black lace shirts and camisoles at Savers, which could be used. (I saw these after I bought the fabric...of course!) So instead of lace, I found this great sheer fabric that had little sequins sewn into it. I cut a hole in the top for the stem, and then hot glued the fabric to the bottom. The photo I saw said they had sewn a running stitch into the bottom of the fabric and pull it tight. Obviously, that's way too close to sewing for me, so the glue gun came out. I figure if it's on the bottom, who's going to see it? 
I found some glittered up leaves (I think it was part of a former poinsettia) and glued them on, and it was done! My glam pumpkin took very little time, but has a great effect.

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