Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Decorating Ideas #3

Here we go on day 3 with a few more fun things to show. Do you remember in grade school learning how to make crepe paper flowers? (Crest Hill grads, remember our art teacher, Mr. Grimes? Flashback!) Anyway, that was one of my favorite things to make and I love the new update of the big paper flowers. I found this either on Martha Stewart, or a link to another blog on her site. Either way, it is way easy and has spectacular results. Plus it is fast!
I bought the tissue at the dollar store and put about 5 layers of it down.  Fold it like an accordian, then attach some wire through the middle. Make sure it's not too tight. Snip the ends into a point, then open it up and very carefully, fan them all out and it looks gorgeous! I made the really large ones and some smaller ones also.  
The chandelier (or cheap IKEA light) in the kitchen was sort of boring so I wanted to make it really festive. I draped this string of eggs that I got at Michaels onto it, then put some tulle around it. By the way, they sell rolls of tulle at the dollar store. Whoda thunk?
Then I hung the various sizes of paper flower balls onto it and it ended up looking very fun indeed.
   Next, I covered these plastic eggs in tulle (tulle is evidently the theme of my Easter this year!) and put them in a vase on top of a candlestick. I put a little nest of sticks and pink tulle around it and used it as a table centerpiece.
And lastly, I found a few black candle-sticks at the dollar store and sprayed them white and put some dollar candles on them. I have a feeling I will want them black again one day, and as we all know, you can never spray paint too much!
     See you tomorrow when I throw it all together and make a tablescape!

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