Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Decorating Idea #2

     Since I have had from Tues. of this week off work, I have been able to actually get more projects done and have been having a blast! Over the last few days I have been to my usual hot spots (Dollar Tree, Savers, Michaels) to get some pretty cool (and cheap) stuff. Today I'm just going to spotlight a few things that will eventually go on the tablescape, but that can really be used anywhere.
    First, I decided that my color scheme would be all white for a base color. I think because I saw it on someones blog and loved it. I also saw it on a Martha Stewart link and I always love me some Martha! Plus, I had a ton of white spray paint just sitting around begging to be used. The colors I chose were pink, turquoise blue and green. Here is  some of the basic junk I bought at D.I. and Savers before, and then after I attacked it with a can of paint.

Some of the stuff was off-white, so I re-painted it also to get the same matching white. I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to eat off a spray painted plate, so after I attached a painted candlestick to it, I just put a doily on top. Thanks to Jori at her cool blog, Hello Cupcake! She gave me the idea to use the candlesticks from the dollar store to use for a cake plate. Love!! And the good news is: I didn't pay over $1.99 for anything that I painted and used. Sweeeet!
     Here is the cute little cake plate all finished with the candlestick painted and glued to the bottom of the plate. Oh, and I did not make these adorable brownie bites (Target did!) but I'm guessing they would be pretty easy. 
Next is the gauzy, ethereal looking egg holder. It was originally a black candle holder with glass votives in it. I got these beautiful ceramic eggs on sale at Michaels for $1.00 and put white tulle under it to keep the eggs in. It makes them look all floaty and heavenly.

 I may give these ornaments away to the family coming to Easter dinner. It's a fun way to display them. So up next...while I was at Savers I saw the TALLEST vase I've ever seen for $1.99 and grabbed it because it was so cool, and already white. I put some on-sale hydrangeas in it and yow! Fell in love.

It's fun to display candy in a super easy to make candy holder using the same idea as the cake plate. I just sprayed a bowl and candlestick and glued it together. And for the plastic egg display - I love milk glass, but it's sooo expensive. How about $1.00 for this little plastic job? Once I sprayed it from it's ugly off-white color, it looked just like a milk glass vase.

I have no idea what the original purpose of this next doodad was, but I think it was an old, really tacky looking napkin holder. I really love how it ended up once I put the cute checkered napkins in it.
And last, what do you do with all of your leftover tulle and flowers? Just tie it around the chairs! I have a bunch more to get ready for tomorrow's posting, so check back and see what's happening, and I will see you then!

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  1. You did such a great job!! Everything looks so pretty! Don't you love the treat stands? They are easy and so cute. Thank you for referencing my blog. :)