Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tickled Pink

I have never been a fan of the color pink, especially the pale, new baby pink. But I think I'm changing my mind a bit, due to these little projects I finally finished. I found this adorable pink hat in Savers for just a few bucks and snatched it up figuring I would do something with it because the shape of it was so darling and it was in perfect condition. The tag isn't readable, but it feels like a mohair mix. It barely fit my head but I thought it would work for a child, pre-teen, or an adult with a wee little head. Who cares, it was a keeper! I ran over to the sweater section and found a great cardigan to match it. I've been having fun re-styling cardigans lately, and the fastest and easiest way to do it is to first start with the buttons. Something as simple as switching from plain buttons to something unique or vintage can make a huge difference in the look of the sweater.

I am loving the diamond buttons that are on cardigans right now, but they are super pricey. Double the price of the cardigan for 8 buttons! No way. So I found these little faceted buttons that were much less but looked sparkly enough.

I wanted to figure out how to make the crinkly peony-looking flowers that are being made by everyone now. My pal Renel showed me one that her stepsister made out of organza and I was sold. I looked at a bunch of tutorials and it seemed easy enough so I gave it a shot. The fun part was the centerpiece that I used, which was a pair of vintage earrings I had bought a while back at an antique store. I am fascinated by these clusters of crystals they wired together way back when. They are so easy to pop the back off of, and then you can just sew them on to the flower.
     I cut some circles out of paper in various sizes, traced them onto the organza, cut them out and then the fun began. I wanted the edges to curl but also wanted them to be puckered. So you need to hold the flame under it and it sort of melts it quite nicely. There were plenty of melt-throughs that happened, so be aware if you try this. I used a hand-held lighter because I could control the flame better than holding it over a candle. The end result is so perfect, I was a little shocked it was so fast and easy, though a few burns happened along the way! 
You see these layered, gauzy flowers everywhere. They are being worn on headbands and jewelry, but my favorite is pinning them on a sweater, alone or in a cluster.  
So, I just attached a pin to the back of both flowers and pinned them to the sweater and hat and it was a done deal! I'm going to be starting a facebook page soon, and the hat will be given away in a drawing, so watch for it! Oh, and thanks to Lucy and Hannah for being my models!


  1. It's a good thing Hannah is already at school... she would be freaking out about that hat! :)

    Darling, darling projects, Linda!

  2. Love it Linda, you should be doing something to make money with all this talent.

  3. I see you doing this stuff every day and it still seems like magic. What a gift!

  4. It would never occur to me to do any of those things. You rock.

  5. Thanks guys. It would never occur to me to do the things you all do so easily either! I guess we all have our things! And Kemi, be ready because the hat is going to be in a drawing on the facebook page that I am setting up. Go little Hannah!!!

  6. Hannah reminds of the American Girl Doll "Kit" with that hat on.