Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolve...

So new thoughts. I have decided to take Black CrowShay to a new level and add a few more things to the tiny little "company" I have. I want to expand it and grow it a bit, first in changing its name to encompass a bit more. The Black Crow. So here are my ideas...
1. Continue my commitment to wear ONLY things bought secondhand. From places like D.I.. Savers, (other states have Goodwill, etc) Plato's closet, etc. However, I have to exclude a few things, I just do. Shoes are not included in this (of course not!) I get most of them free from my bro who works in a shoe department. Also jewelry not included. I'm not sure why, but I never really find secondhand jewelry that I am in love with. Except that one awesome bracelet from D.I. that was Lucky Brand. Oh my. But this odd quest isn't necessarily due to my tightwad tendencies, it's just to say I did it. I am crazily drawn to second hand stores, yard sales, anything where I can see the fruits of my searching. What a great game it all is. The search. The find. The wearing! So much love. I hope to take pics and post them of my finds, along with the ideas of  ways to wear them. This pic is of some gloves I bought at the dollar store during Christmas and after seeing a picture in Elle of embelished gloves similar, I glued these little fun gems on and had a blast wearing them during the holidays.
2. To hunt down, find, and re-furbish and re-construct clothes, hats, sunglasses, purses, furniture. You name it, I am game to do it. For years this strange skill of mine hasn't really paid off for me, but I'm determined to have it pay off somehow this year. The Black Crow will not just have scarves and jewelry, but so much more! All of it committed to re-purposing found items, whatever they may be.
3. To follow other blogs, learn from others and other business women, how to make it work. How to take a talent or an aptitude and make it fun to read about. Make it worth putting out there.
That's it for my wishes. Wish me luck.


  1. Leeeenda. You rock. I'm excited to be following your blog.

  2. You are sweet for following it. I shall follow yours too!! Loved it!