Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Brown Purse

I'm not really a purse person, since I usually just carry all my belongings all skeewompus in my arms like a foraging forest animal. Drop makeup bag. Pick it up. While picking it up, drop tiny little Dell computer. Pick it up with tears in eyes. While crying, drop banana and yogurt for breakfast. Pick up sad, bruised banana, and so on. I always make a yearly resolution to TRY a purse for a while, but it usually ends up getting so filled with junk that I eventually leave it somewhere. Abandon it with reckless abandon is how I do it. I have one filled up rejected purse in the trunk. About 3 in my closet. I have officially given up on taking a purse with me on a daily basis and I happily accept and embrace my bag-lady tendencies.
    But occasionally, I love to re-purpose a vintage purse I see, and if it's small enough, I can usually just shove in the lip gloss and tiny hair spray and some cash and carry it around for a special occasion. This is one such purse. I found it at D.I (of course I did!) and it was in great shape,. It had a long chain, but I removed it because I hated the type of gold look it had, plus I need a clutch. Key word: clutch. If the purse was called a Grasp, or a Grab that would fit my lifestyle also. Anyway, so it was fun to figure out what to do to make it mine. I got the chain and all the little charms to go on it at Michael's. I sort of bolted it in on top and there is a chain on each side. So the chain wouldn't fly around I anchored it at the bottom with a piece of wire sort of stitched in. I am totally jazzed about this purse. I'm guessing if every woman has to have a LBD (Little Black Dress) they also need to have a Little Brown Purse.

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