Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saving Vase

 When I first saw this in a magazine, it looked more like a Halloween craft, but I decided to switch it up a little to make it last through the Autumn season. They had painted various parts of a tree in black paint onto a bunch of pumpkins, then set them on various shelves. When they were all set up, it looked like a finished tree. Very cool. My biggest problem I had with this was the cost of the pumpkins. Wow, what a tightwad. But it's hard for me to spend all of that time on something, and then it will just go bad in a few weeks. The other option was to use faux pumpkins, which are pricey also. Unless you get them at the after-Halloween sale at the craft stores.
As I was roaming through Savers looking for Halloween costume stuff, I decided to try something way cheap, and different. Vases.
There was a huge shelf of $1.00 vases, which made me really happy. I bought a bunch, brought them home and sprayed them inside and out with a few coats of metallic copper spray paint. Then I had some leftover gold glitter spray, so I sprayed them with that,which added a little bit of dimension to the vases.

 My other big complaint about this project was having to hand-paint a tree onto these vases. It really sounded overwhelming to me. Just as I was about it give in, I found a large wall sticker of a tree at Hobby Lobby in the bargain bin. Yes! I cut it into pieces, and they stuck right onto the vases. I did need to use a little glue to get them to lie down flatter.

I arranged them on the shelves and it turned into a pretty inexpensive and unsual decoration. They do look beautiful with candles in them, which adds a little glow. I did that at Halloween, but I like them natural like this for the Autumn season.

Hope you all had a great Halloween and on to Thanksgiving!

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