Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway winner & the ultimate Re-purposers!

I had the fun opportunity of going over to our friends Dennis and Elaine Senior's house to deliver the giveaway over the weekend. Their daughter Michelle Hill was there with her two darling daughters, Natalie (right) and Kaytlin (left) . Both girls get to fight over the hat and I just had to take a picture of each one of them in it.
 They are beautiful girls, and so sweet and excited to get the hat! I had crocheted a soft, mohair/mix scarf and brought it with me and they bought it to go with the hat. How adorable does she look in this?
It was all so cute on her that Michelle said she was sad winter was almost over, and I had to agree. I am obsessed with croccheting and wearing scarves, so when winter ends, I guess it's on to the Spring scarves!

While I was there I got a tour of their beautiful yard that just keeps expanding with cooler and cooler things! Elaine and Michelle are re-purposers extraordinaire, and I always feel like I am learning at the feet of the masters when I am with them! So much to look at in the house and yard. They can truly make anything gorgeous. Just the pillows on their couch look like expensive decorator pillows, but they bought pillows at Savers and just re-covered them in rich, gorgeous fabrics to match their valances they made. But the outside...ah, what a work of art.

First the sidewalk. They had a cute curved sidewalk leading to their fence, which had delicate leaves stamped into the concrete. Having anything stamped into concrete is expensive, but they asked their concrete guy if they could put stamped leaves in, and he told them to just collect them, lay them down in the wet cement, and he would go over them with his tool for smoothing it out. Anyway, it is so gorgeous to see the leaf impressions floating on the walkway in the sidewalk. An easy project with awesome results.

Also, in the backyard was a very tall trellis that I was loving so and taking pictures of. Not surprisingly, Elaine told me she had used an old bedframe for it! Unbelievale. I bet with the greenery on it, it looks amazing.

They also had a large fish pond built with flagstone. Of course, they built it themselves, and got the flagstone all for an unheard of cheap price. Sometimes it's being in the right place at the right time, other times it's just knowing how to barter! I had to take a picture of these incredibly talented ladies by their hard work. There are so many other things I could show that this great family does, but these are a few projects that I figure we can give a try. 

So congrats on the giveaway win, to the family who takes re-purposing to amazing new heights!


  1. Linda, you are too nice! We were just excited to have you come over, and the prize was a bonus! I love that you can focus us on re-purposing. It's such a great concept, and addictive too. We love the hat and scarf! Michelle wore the gorgeous pin on her sweater Sunday and it looked fabulous. Keep on inspiring us, you are amazing! -Elaine Senior

  2. I am so glad to always learn from your great talent. I agree, it is quite addictive. You never really want to shop for full price again. Thanks for teaching me all of your skills!