Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blingy Black Crow necklace

Why a black crow you may ask? Years ago I started a little business called Black CrowShay, which was a play on the word crochet, obviously. I had lots of black wire jewelry I was making at the time, hence the name. Then as I branched out and re-started my little venture, I changed the name to encompass more. Plus, I am fascinated by crows, ravens, magpies. Basically big menacing looking birds. I have no idea why.
So I was at Forever 21 with Lucy and I saw these adorable diamond(ish) necklaces with little birds at rest. All blinged out. I call it a crow, but it can probably be any sitting bird. I bought a whole bunch of them and decided to trick them out a little.
So I went to Michael's, (as usual) and got some little faux pearls and black beads and I added them to the necklace.

                    Then I attached some very sheer black tulle netting. Just because...
Once it was all put together, it added a bit more pizzazz to the little blingy bird.

Make sure to "like" the Black Crow Designs Facebook page because next week one of these necklaces will be given away on a drawing!


  1. You are brilliant!! That turned out great!

  2. That necklace is darling! I love bling-y necklaces! :)

  3. It's all about the bling, there is no doubt about that!

  4. Oh, I almost forgot. I found those Jane Austen stamps at Goodwill. :)