Monday, March 21, 2011

Bangles & Purses & Rings, Oh My!

I'm a little sad that winter is leaving us. Mostly because of the fashion issues associated with winter that I dread parting with. The boots, the sweaters, the long coats. Lets not forget the scarves and hats either. It's always hard to make the switch to wearing lighter colors and less layers. But do it I shall. 
     In December, there was a bracelet featured in Martha Stewart magazine. I became a little obsessed, not so much with price, as with how to re-create it. It is a velvet wrapped bangle priced at $110.00. Wow. Sure, there was a semi-precious stone in it, but really? So the quest to make it began.

It pretty much involves: An old bangle (free!)

some velvet or grosgrain ribbon (a few bucks) and some fake turquoise, which looks quite real, I must say.

    I just wrapped it while hot glueing it. Then put the stones on the wire and wrapped it around twice to make the "x" marks. I also made one out of an old cuff I never wore. It turned out to be my favorite.

For Spring and Summer I thought it would be lighter looking to use grosgrain ribbon. You could use any kind of texture, pattern etc. So easy to do.
And so inexpensive! Nautical stuff is big again this year, so I figured I'd add a little starfish into the mix. Lucy wants me to call it "Nautical Nonsense", (which is probably a nod to Spongebob.)
Last week I was also down at "Decades"
looking for some clothes, jewelry, etc. with my bud Lisa, and I found these adorable vintage earrings. I just bent the clip off and glued it to a ring form and done deal! It matches this..

    My grandma's stretchy bracelet that I added to. I needed it for a red and white outfit so I added a few extra red beads to it and put a red netting bow on it. I think it would go great with the ring.
Which leads me to another great thing I just got from my grandma's awesome collection. An adorable, beaded rose purse that no picture would ever do justice! It has inlaid fake diamond stones on the clasp for pete's sake. It is over 50 years old, so considered an antique. It is in perfect condition, inside and out. Honestly, this purse needed nothing to make it better, but I added an organza rose I made just for fun. Though a rose generally needs no centerpiece, I liked how the little green scrapbooking brad looked on it, so there it is.

     Happy first day of Spring everyone. Tomorrow I will give away the cute ring so be ready!


  1. This is my favorite post yet!

  2. SO awesome! I love it all! I really want to marry that purse! It is gorgeous!

  3. Ha! I love it Jori! It is the most amazing purse and in perfect condition. It's awesome to get a good treasure, isn't it?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! honestly, all this stuff just describes your personality to a tee....awesome!

  5. I ADORE that purse. I saw it in person at church, and I fell in love immediately. :)

    LOVE your cuff bracelet, too! (The turquoise is gorgeous!)

  6. Thanks friends! The purse is my all-time fave also, even for a non-purse wearer such as myself! Bangles are for sale and can be custom made just fyi.

  7. My shop is open!! It was super easy to get set up. Let me know if I can help with anything. :)